Don’t Panic; Let’s Talk

“You are not alone.”

Over the years I have received and given so much advice about how to build and run a company. Things about hiring, fundraising, leading, and growing. But of all the advice those four words always rang as the most important.

“You are not alone.”

It is always hard as a founder to realize that even as the buck stops with you, that you are not unique in having to make those decisions. Many have made similar decisions and experienced similar paths. I always found comfort in that. Someone could share the elation of success or the pain of failure with me because they had been there before.

Today that is harder as we are socially distancing ourselves from each other and isolating at home from our coworkers and peers. We spend a lot of time with ourselves, by ourselves — mostly in our own minds and thoughts, and it can be a lot. It can be overwhelming. And with social isolation come other responsibilities. For some of us, we have to teach our kids, or care for family members, or deal with the economic burdens that COVID-19 has brought. And while those challenges may make us lonely, we are not alone.

Even more so today than yesterday we have each other. Simply getting on a video call with other founders in a safe space to discuss concerns and worries (even the difficulty of succeeding in this new reality) can be a lifesaver. While we may not be able to connect physically, we can still connect and support each other.

At Grasshopper, a fully digital bank built by founders for the modern founder, we know that our ability to support the startup community is paramount. As founders, we knew we must do more. In partnership with New York Tech Alliance, we are launching a series called Don’t Panic, Let’s Talk. This bimonthly series is exactly what it sounds like. A safe space to talk with like-minded founders to help us navigate and share strategies that will help each of us as people and leaders.

“You are not alone.”

We cannot say it enough or hear it enough. Together, we can learn from, and lean on, each other.

Come join us at Don’t Panic, Let’s Talk this Thursday where we welcome Helen Reeves, partner at Dentons to talk about navigating the CARES Act.

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Helen Reeves is a member of the Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies practice. Her practice focuses on representing growth-stage companies on a wide range of complex transactional matters including mergers & acquisitions, venture capital transactions, start-up founder/corporate structuring issues, employment matters and general corporate advice.

Helen regularly serves as the outside general counsel to a number of emerging growth and middle-market companies, providing both strategic and transaction advice on major business transactions domestically and internationally.

Helen is a member of the American Bar Association’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Committee.

Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.