Not All Investment Is The Same — Indie.VC Stops By Seattle

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Recently, there has been a lot of discussion around what types of company is venture capital helpful.

A few years back, Bryce and his partners at OATV asked the same question. They came to a realization that there is an entire swath of companies that either isn’t right for traditional venture capital (based on potential exit, growth trajectories, etc.) or, frankly, are not interested going down that path. Bryce decided that exploring different investment models for this cohort of companies would be mutually beneficial — both to help the companies grow and to the limited partners that backed such a fund.

And so Indie.VC was born.

Now on “V3” of Indie.VC, Bryce has launched a roadshow to visit cities around the country to facilitate the conversation around company growth and venture capital as a vehicle for that growth.

This tour lands in Seattle on January 23 and will be hosted at Create33.

We, like Bryce, are huge supporters of exploring ways to help companies grow and do it fully educated on all options from investment to talent to product development, etc.

In a little more than six months, with ten partners, nearly a hundred member companies (so far!), and through more than 50 events (so far!) we have continued to execute on our mission to be a significant resource of support and information to the Pacific Northwest’s startup ecosystem.

RSVP at Indie.VC and join us at Create33 on January 23 at 4:30 pm to welcome Indie.VC and participate in the conversation.

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