What I Wish Always Existed

When someone asks me how they should go about deciding what to build, I always answer the same way:

“Build something you wish always existed.”

Over the years, I have spoken to thousands of startup founders across the country, been involved with Techstars and other accelerators, worked at a big company (Amazon is still pretty big, right?), and even have had the pleasure to invest in a few companies.

At this point, I feel pretty confident that I have seen the entire life cycle of the founder’s journey a thousand times.

As I was getting ready to leave Amazon, a question continued to burn in the back of my head:

“Do founders truly have all that they need to be successful?”

There are coworking spaces, and networking events and blogs and tweets and tons of content focused around ideas to raising money, but what I wished existed, well, didn’t.

And, now I get to build it.

For most of my life, I have found purpose in helping good founders become great leaders, and I as I built a personal list of what those things would be, I kept coming back to the same 5 pillars:

Curated shared working space

It also became a place that people wanted to be. Founders from all around would spend time there. (Sometimes too much time.) Investors would roll through. It was pretty amazing.

And you know what? The snacks sucked. The coffee sucked, even the cubes weren’t great, but the people, man, the people, were dope.

Community Events

What if large and small companies had a venue to share ideas and content? What if instead of a panel on blah, it was highly relevant and actionable?

Executive Briefings

Story Telling

Can’t I just build a product that everyone wants to use?

Creating a Content Studio that both tells a startup’s story as well as helps develop their own would be amazing and valuable.

Community Membership

Seizing Opportunity

It can’t be something I do. It has to be something we do.

If you are interested in getting involved, either as a resident or community member, to suggest some content, or to help founders and investors, email me, find me on twitter or just come by.

The thing I always wish existed will in August.

Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.

Executive Coach @highoutput. Angel Investor. Founded or early at 6 startups (4 exits). @amazon @madronaventures alum. Loves dogs, cats & donuts.